MP3 SINGLE - I Remember Christmas (Dec 2020) - Graham Dee

MP3 SINGLE - I Remember Christmas (Dec 2020)

Written in the 1970s, this release is a remix of the 1997 multitracks and new vocals recorded in November 2020.

I Remember Christmas

This Christmas song was written by songwriters Graham Dee and Sara Blumenstein in New York in the 1970s.

In 1997, Graham recorded I Remember Christmas with the Norwich Cathedral Choristers and the Salvation Army Band, for a spot on Children in Need.

Twenty-three years later, Graham has re-recorded his vocals from lockdown in Dorset and re-released the song, dedicating it to a very different type of Christmas in 2020.

This release was produced and remixed by Richard Sutton from the 1997 multitracks and Graham's new vocals, working across a distance of 270 miles via Zoom.

  • Written by Graham Dee and Sara Blumenstein
  • Produced by Graham Dee and Richard Sutton
  • Engineered by Stephen Pitkethly
  • Mixed by Richard Sutton
  • Mastered by Tim Debney, Fluid Mastering, UK
  • Video produced by Nigel Hodgson at Whispering Giraffe Productions, UK